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How To Choose The Best House Bowling Ball

If you don't have your own bowling ball and need to use a house ball, you want to pick one that is the appropriate weight. Using a ball that is too heavy can damage your shoulder and wrist. A ball no more than 10 pounds shouldbe used for adults with weak backs, wrists or shoulders. Children should also choose a ball 10 pounds or less. A twelve pound ball should be a good starting point and work well for most adults. Larger men cn use a 14 pound ball. Really only the stronger, more experienced male bowler should ever choose a 16 pound bowling ball.

To make sure the ball fits, stick your fingers in the holes and pull them out slowly. A snug fit is perfect but too snug can cause injury. For the best fit house bowling ball, the thumb and finger holes should be the length of your palm. Bad fitting of a ball can result in injury and loss of control

A good fit usually consists of being able to grip the ball with three fingers. The perfect house ball will fit you pretty close to carrying a six-pack of cans.

If you have trouble finding a house ball that fits and you bowl on a regular basis, you should consider getting a ball from the pro shop that is custom drilled just for you.